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Hey there!

I’m Jennifer Desrosiers.

I’m a compassionate entrepreneur and adventuress with a wild vision of making massive impact on this world. Inspiring people to step into their greatness is my jam. In my free time I’m all about luxurious car camping, slow sippin’ French press coffee, and connecting with people.

7 fun facts

1/ I'm an architectural engineer turned corporate business development executive turned restauranteur and lifestyle entrepreneur.
2/ I’m a certified wellness coach and yoga teacher but french fries and mountain biking are truly my jam.
3/ I'm passionate about a lot things, an expert at none.
4/ I’m a Pisces that lives near the water but lusts for the mountains.
5/ I’m happiest when my feet are dirty and my Inbox is empty.
6/ Small talk is my worst nightmare.
7/ I want to inspire others to live vibrantly.

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Born in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, I grew up camping, launching my bike off plywood jumps in the front yard, and playing late night games of kick the can. I was a dancer, a saxophone player, and a complete nerd.

From my earliest memories, I recognize that I have always been an adventurer at heart: always eager to learn and to experience new places, people, and things. As a kid, I looked towards the world with wide eyes yearning to explore its endless possibilities.

My high school Latin teacher told me I was a 'modern day renaissance woman'. At that time, I can't say that I really understood the overwhelming compliment that had been bestowed on me. Now however, I recognize my expansive list of passions as a strength.  I honor her words and draw strength from them in the pursuit of my own wild adventurous life.

Sometimes even with the greatest of intentions, we find ourselves going down a path that we hadn't quite imagined.

After college I was caught up in the pursuit of success and financial independence in the only way I knew how: throwing (insert losing) myself into my corporate career. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade these experiences for anything. I worked with amazing people, traveled around the country and around the globe, and was actually very successful considering the overwhelming obstacles that I faced. But after more than 15 years of what felt like pushing boulders up mountains, I was physically sick, emotionally exhausted, disconnected from any sense of personal passion or purpose, and completely unfulfilled. I can confidently say I really wasn't showing up for any portion of my life.

Finally the universe decided it was time to make a change.

Circling the drain of uncertainty and fear, it became clear that I wasn't living in a way that felt in alignment with my soul and after many (MANY!) personal pep talks I decided to take massive action. I changed my relationship to food. I became a certified yoga teacher and holistic health coach. I took back control of every aspect of my life. I simplified everything. I decluttered my closets, my refrigerator and most importantly, my mind.  It was here that I felt a level of fire and connectedness that I had only experienced on the summit of a mountain. Freedom. Love. Energy. Passion. Courage.

It was from that place that I shifted my perspective. Why can't I approach my whole life with the clarity and space that I experience when I'm in nature?

Freedom comes from seeing adventure is in everything.

I now live my life on my terms. Collaboration, connection, and contribution are at the core of everything that I do. I want to team up with people with big dreams, even bigger hearts, and ideas that positively impact people's lives.

My companies, Wild Adventurous Life and LANEY & LU, have sparked the 'Live Vibrantly Movement' inspiring thousands to live a more joyful, meaningful life. 

I'm so thankful that you've stopped by to learn more about me and my personal passion & purpose. The universe has guided us together and I'm truly honored!

Live Vibrantly,





Jennifer Desrosiers is an entrepreneur, wellness and lifestyle coach, yoga teacher, speaker and community leader. As the founder and CEO of her two businesses, LANEY & LU, an inspired eatery, and Wild Adventurous Life, a wellness and lifestyle media company, Jen has a powerful vision of connection, collaboration, and contribution. Her companies have created thriving communities promoting holistic wellness and living vibrant, joyful, adventure-filled lives.

As a native of Vermont, Jennifer attended Vermont Technical College where she earned an undergraduate degree in Architectural Engineering before taking on roles such as Manufacturing Engineer, Project Manager, and Business Development Manager in the plastic injection molding industry, in which she traveled throughout the US and the globe. After nearly 20 years of dedicated service to others’ visions, she refocused her sights on creating personal freedom and positively impacting the world. 

Jen is currently serving as Vice President on the Board of Directors for The Chase Home for Children in Portsmouth, NH and Secretary of the board for Sustainable Seacoast, and has been a featured speaker at local events like Pecha Kucha and Ignite. She enjoys hiking in the mountains, luxurious car camping, and French press coffee.

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