Don’t postpone happiness.

Wise words from a friend in 2007 that sent me on a path that would change the landscape of my life forever.  From that point forward, I escaped the grip of my corporate career, simplified everything, and founded two companies in alignment with my soul's passion and purpose. I optimize my wellness with daily practice and create balance through living a life fully integrated with the people and things that I love the most. My mission is to inspire and help others to do the same.

 Hi, I'm Jennifer.

Founder of WILD ADVENTUROUS LIFE, Wellness & Lifestyle Media Co.

Founder of LANEY & LU, Vibrant Food Community Cafe

Wellness & Lifestyle Strategist. Community Leader.
Yoga Teacher. Adventurer. Creative. Speaker.

Choose your own adventure


Wild Adventurous Life is a wellness & lifestyle company born from our love of coloring outside the lines, breaking the mold, and skiing out of bounds.  We're suckers for the 'here we go' excitement that comes with the unknown, and feel there is an element of magic in planning an adventure.  We believe that there is incredible freedom when you see life as a series of adventures.

WAL's blog will light up your world with meaningful content that is meant to spark change, and set you in motion. It's a fusion of our passions: travel, adventure, yoga, mindfulness, wellness, and vibrant food.  Our desire is to unite our passions to promote community development, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

WAL is continuously curating a line-up of inspired events including; workshops, lecture series, and retreats. Our 'Learn it, Live it' approach is designed so that each event provides actionable content that is value-add, and meaningful to your unique life experience.

Nobody loves gear more than us, and a great kit includes a great tee shirt. In mid-2017, WAL will launch the first designs of our Inspired apparel line.  We'll also be sharing our favorite 'Live it, Be it' gear selections.



We believe in moving beyond limits, fueling joy with experiences, and that adventure is in all things.


Can food really inspire a movement?


Laney & Lu is a vibrant food community cafe located in historic downtown Exeter, NH. Our menu includes small-batch locally-roasted organic fair trade coffee, herbalist-designed organic herbal teas, crafted functional beverages, sublime smoothies and smoothie bowls, hearty rice & quinoa bowls, bright & happy salads, and finally! good-snacks-on the go.    

At Laney & Lu, we believe food can serve a far greater purpose than to simply fill our stomachs. The 'right' food nourishes our souls, builds community, and connects us with the earth. We work with about over a dozen farmers and merchants throughout New England to source locally whenever possible and positively impact local eco-systems. We utilize compostable to-go packaging with a commitment to being 'zero waste' to the customer. We believe Laney & Lu can make a meaningful and sustainable difference.

The café’s design is bright, clean and inviting with reclaimed wood shelves and a repurposed community bench blended with a large hand drawn chalk board, minimalist industrial chairs, and daily inspirational messages hand-written on a roll of brown kraft paper. It's a perfect fusion of old and new, comfort and chic. 

From the seed of creation of the café, we have been mindful and true to our motto - 'Eat consciously. Live vibrantly.' and deliberate in sharing that lifestyle to create the 'Live Vibrantly Movement'.  



we celebrate community and the connection food has to creating a more joyful, vibrant life. We use fresh, whole ingredients to create DELICIOUS food and drink that nourishes your body and feeds your soul.




Deliver an extraordinary customer experience with legendary service. Our goal is to provide unique and genuine personal care, and attention that our customers tell stories about.

Raise the bar constantly. We know that good isn’t good enough. We never stop trying to do it better, no matter what. We embrace change as inevitable and understand that progress takes action. We see pursuing progress as a critical component of our purpose and mission.

Be honest and trustworthy. We work to build trust with others in each and every interaction. We recognize that honesty and trust form the bond that holds the team and our relationships together.

Never stop learning. We believe in ongoing training and personal development. We see it as a worthy investment in the future of Laney & Lu and our team members to achieve our highest potential in whatever we do.

Cherish the team. There is no asset more important than the team. We know that great achievements are only possible by helping and respecting each other. Every team member is important and cherished.

Be adventurous and open-minded. Having an adventurous and open-minded spirit is essential part of keeping our environment upbeat and positive.

Embrace personal accountability and mindfulness. We do what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it. We believe in personal accountability and understand that we alone are responsible for our actions. We avoid blaming others when things don’t turn out as planned.


Spicy Soba Noodles
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.
May all beings everywhere be peaceful & happy.